Organization of business in Poland, visit assistance and remote execution of tasks.

Polish economy constantly develops. In our country are formed another company, which due to the strong competition must work out an effective way, not only to remain on the market, but also to make a financial success. It is certainly a hard task, but also the presence of other companies is a motivator and initializes even more effective operation of native entrepreneurs. Our market also enjoys popularity of businessmen from other countries. Foreign investments occurring in Poland are a huge chance of the development for specialists of many industries, who can be employed in prestigious institutions, and at the same time it stimulate the economy – so benefits are huge, both for foreign businessmen and for Polish specialists.

Foreign entrepreneurs, who in Poland would like to commence their business activity, often have a lot of difficulties in interpretation of the economic law being in force in Poland, which has a key importance with regard to the market, and above all with running business in accordance with the regulations. Our employees have the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively manage your affairs in Poland on behalf of foreign investors. Knowledge of business law allows us to effectively support arising investments in Poland and to ensure professional advice at every stage of initialization, and later also to conduct and gradual development of business activity.

Business activity in Poland is a proposal for foreign entrepreneurs, who depend on successful, lawful and effective operations. We are aware of everyday problems faced by entrepreneurs – both those from Poland and other countries. Complicated laws and different type of standards can be a serious complication, especially for foreign investors. Our offer was established as a response to their needs and expectations.

Organizacja pobytu biznesowego na terenie Polski

An additional advantage of our company is the ability to remotely carrying out tasks entrusted by our customers, whether it is obtaining the lands for investment, business talks, negotiation, company audits, company or branch control, or renting luxury apartments and plan meetings, we are very flexible.

An innovative solution is also full assistance by one of our employees for the duration of customer’s stay, including not business principal in Poland.

Each entrepreneur tries maximally to reduce the financial risk associated with setting up its business activity on foreign markets. Therefore, investors from other countries interested in running business in Poland often decide on a personal supervision of conducted business – this applies in particular to small companies. Larger companies often assign this task to experienced employees. Our offer includes not only professional assistance in running business activity, but also organization of the stay in Poland. Thanks to our support, representatives of foreign investors, who want to open a new facility, can be sure that their visit will be without any problems. Offered by us planning, support and assist in their stay in Poland allows customers to focus on the most important tasks. This way they can in a reliable way to prepare for meetings with contracting parties and more attention to pay to their professional obligations.

Our employees are people full of the enthusiasm for work, who their professional experience gained for many years. We deal among others with support of enterprises in technological development and implementation of innovative solutions concerning production and management. Thanks to that we can offer professional assistance to our foreign customers in opening, running and modernizing business activity in Poland. Individual approach to each of the company that use our services, guarantees a professional and reliable service. Our employees constantly extend and update their knowledge to provide customers the best solution in the given situation in order to remain on the market and successively develop. Gained experience and knowledge of the local market is a guarantee of our effectiveness.

We provide professional assistance, professionalism, and advice at every stage of conducting business activity in Poland.