Welcome to Heliks

We are a modern and rapidly developing company, operating within several industries: technology, manufacturing, construction and widely comprehended distribution. The main area in which we specialize is implementation of various types of products, services or solutions on the Polish market and bordering countries. Guided by the motto “Think outside the box, act innovatively” we decided implement a few additional activities such as:

    1. production to order, including – production of prototype, adaptation of the existing product, product modification, and production of small and medium series
    2. distribution of products and services
    3. outsourcing of purchase processes
    4. creating purchase groups
    5. organization of business in Poland, visit assistance and remote execution of tasks.

Our potential results from a few key factors, which include many years of experience, appropriate technological facilities and highly qualified team of specialists, as well as through our innovative production management system we can produce products with different types of metals, plastics, glass and wood. These ranges of our activities have been developed in such a way as to support and maximize chances to carrying out each project by sharing our workshop, experience, and tools.

We are renowned for innovative and unconventional approach to the client. Thanks to that we are able to provide innovative and effective solutions. We are characterized by individual approach to every order, because we care for perfect realization of all, even the most unusual orders. It is reflected by our rule that we follow every day in our activities – “high quality of service is the ability to meet, and sometimes even exceed the customer’s needs”.

Our offer is directed mainly to companies, which want to become known on the Polish market, and to entities dealing with different types of production and sale of products of their own. Our ambition is to provide the highest quality, “custom-made” and competitively priced solutions, therefore we invite you to get familiarize with our offer!


Combining all activities of our company, and from each of them to implement the most important aspects in the projects above which we are working causes that there is nothing we could not do.


To keep up and even surpass the current technology that surrounds us in a growing part of our lives, we need to continually train and develop. Therefore, we believe that the priority for every company should be thought of technological development.

With future approach

Future starts today, not tomorrow – we know that very well and we support a large number of start-ups and we cooperate with higher education institutions. We believe that young people create the future and trends that appear.