It is a specialized production of custom and unique products.

The current laws of the market are more and more merciless. Customers require from enterprises to offer custom, and hence – unique products. The process of their creation is very complex and often requires specialized knowledge, which they not always have.

Custom products and services are unique and have little in common with series manufacturing process. Therefore, each of our products is individually designed and produced, usually by specialists in the given field, perfectly fitted to the appropriate size, color, style, needs and budget of the client. Products to order are the only-in-its-kind, because they meet requirements of each customer, beginning from selection of materials, through the research on competition, all the way to fitting and searching for the most profitable production method. This may include parts for cars, interior equipment, casings to devices, or other types of products.

Production to order offered by us is a way to meet high requirements of the market and customers. It includes production of elements for every possible industry with distinguishing IT, electronic, indoor equipment and automotive industries. Our potential is reflected in comprehensive action in the range of: batch production, production of prototypes, medium production, mass production, untypical production and unit production. In addition, we offer our clients a market survey and product testing at each stage of cooperation.

Our strength is the experience and qualified team of employees to meet the needs of all production varieties and adjust the product to each customer. Production to order includes completed projects made from each type of base materials and custom solutions, in which at the request of client we combine different materials (steel, plastic, wood). Methods that we use are among others milling, bending, welding, hardfacing.

Produkcja na zamówienie

In order to reduce the production costs we also provide service within the existing products. To reduce expenses of our contracting parties to minimum, we firstly assess their needs and expectations. Next we conduct market research to create an optimum work schedule with regard to the project, as well as we seek ready solutions, which we can use in the production process. Thanks to that we avoid unnecessary and often high costs. In this respect, we offer such services as: product adaptation, product modification, tests of the product and fitting the product to individual needs of the customer.

Production to order is a service, which can bring many benefits to entrepreneurs. The most important is to satisfy high demands of customers. Thanks to the ability to customize the size of production to the demand for a specific production, the offering company does not have to worry of the lack of interest on the part of clients. Listing the benefits of production to order, it is necessary to mention about far more rational management of natural resources. This solution enables its better management, which of course supports the environmental protection.

Our offer certainly will interest entrepreneurs seeking custom products and who appreciate the high level of service. Cooperation with us ensures final result of the highest quality, which translates into customer satisfaction, as well as increases its competitiveness in the industry. Comprehensive action offered by us is a guarantee of success and a great way to meet the market expectations.

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